Social Expert Training Workshop

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If you wish that your company will handle challenges in the most suitable way, you have to prepare your employees for anything that might come up. Practice makes perfect, and your business is no exception.
With iTalent, you can apply to one of our special workshops, built to handle the most up-to-date tools and systems, personally tailored for your company:
“Refer a friend” and recruitment methods in social networks:

This special workshop is built specifically from your business’ needs, along its experience and knowledge, and can be held as a group study/1 on 1 lectures.


In this workshop, we will teach you about innovative recruitment methods in the social networks and will demonstrate the work processes meant to promote your business’ brand by its workers.

With these advanced tools - You’ll save major efforts in future recruitment campaigns.
The workshop will include further introduction to the following topics:
  • Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Github, StackOverflow & Meetup
  • My personal profile: How to properly write a manager/employee profile according to your resume and soft skills
  • Creating and advertising new groups
  • Consulting, profiling and assignation services
  • Linkedin’s Boolean Search
  • Managing relations with passive candidates
  • Creating a “Refer a friend” campaign
  • Using applications such as Tomigo, Zao, Goodjob, etc.
A Unique Workshop for Recruitment Managers

This generation is when digital networks have become significant players in the global employment market. Therefore, we must use every resource we have in order to reach the network’s full potential as a recruiting, branding and information spreading tool.

The workshop will focus on locating relevant candidates using the various recruitment tools, as well as developing a skill set for further location candidates such as boolean search, network-leaned searches and other tips and tricks for working online, and more.

  • The workshop will grant tools meant to effectively narrow the recruitment costs in your organization
  • Creating motivation for your managers and workers that’ll increase their commitment to the recruitment process
  • Creating and advertising new groups
With iTalent, your company can evolve drastically with just one workshop. Leave your details below and see how it happens.

We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place 
more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.