Asking questions is the right way to kick off this relationship. Some of the important stuff is in here.

Our model is flexible and tailored to your needs.

If you are a small company and need part-time or permanent recruitment

If You have an in-house HR but you’re facing with large growth

If you are looking for executive of for some top-notch engineers, Le’ts Talk

The project manager will work with you for a minimum of 3 months, during which you will already see advanced processes and usually recruitment. After the first three months, you will have the choice whether to continue working with us or not (if you have more openings, you’ll probably want to :))

We save your time and energy by managing end to end recruitment process, by that we enable you to continue working on growing your business. We are an integral part of your company – we will manage a meticulous recruitment process and preserve the candidates throughout the whole recruitment process.  

Beyond saving your time, money and our expertise – The tech market is dynamic and full of changes, we as the biggest service provider around will give you a live benchmark at any given time.

Yes.                                                                                                                                  Our ROI is clear, the more positions you will let us handle, the more money you will save.

We love this question because we have a lot 🙂                                                              We have a crazy network, a pool of tens of thousands of candidates, a culture of learning and knowledge sharing, and no less important, Technology – we use the most advanced AI & sourcing tools in the field.

Beyond recruitment, we are meticulous on company’s employer branding so that people will hear about you as much as possible and the target audience will know you. In addition, we will be happy to create a referral plan, a networking session for employees and other activities that will set you up as a recruiting and interesting organization.More than that, since our team is holding tons of knowledge and experience, we provide training and guidance for recruiting and sourcing teams in small and large companies.

There is no limitation on the number of jobs, and it’s decided according to the needs of the organization.

There is a wide range of agreements that enable flexibility and adaptation to various recruitment needs.

Between two and a maximum of three customers, depending on the number of jobs.

Even though each project manager works on several projects at the same time, she will work daily on all of them. In addition, we have a unique department that provides backup and works alongside the project manager in search of the right candidates.

Yes, absolutely. We work with a variety of different recruitment systems. In addition, iTalet has built a recruitment system that can adapt itself to your organization. We would be happy to introduce it to you.

Our commitment is to the organizations we accompany, and to compare us to placement companies would be like comparing apples and pears. There are multiple differences between us and placement companies:

  • Each project manager handles a low number of jobs in order to give maximum attention to each position.
  • Our work is proactive and is based mostly on mapping and networking with candidates on social media.
  • When we contact the candidates, we only represent the organization that we accompany!
  • Our diverse methods of approaching candidates create a strong affinity for the organization and assist in its “employer branding”.
  • Our work continues throughout the recruitment process. We see ourselves as responsible for accompanying the candidate and the organization at all important junctions of the recruitment process, including creating a positive “candidate experience”.

By all means! LinkedIn, phone calls, e-mails, and more. We find that the most powerful way to increase the response rate among candidates is to approach them via the hiring manager’s LinkedIn account.

Indeed, our project managers are experienced in conducting in-depth interviews. The interviews can be conducted in our office or in yours. In addition, we will be happy the accompany hiring managers in their interviews, if needed.

Between 8-10 candidates per position. We aim to filter out irrelevant candidates in advanced and to create as many fruitful recruitment processes as possible in your organization. Our agenda is to have you meet the minimum number of candidates with the maximum potential to fit you best.

Depends on the position. The average is roughly 20 candidates a week, most of them being passive candidates.

About three weeks after the start of the project. The first two weeks are mostly about learning what works best for you. During this time, we get to perfectly understand your required candidate profile, the needs of the organization and the role, the organizational culture and the people involved. We perform a candidate-rating-process and acquire a deep understanding of the requirements, to create the most accurate candidate pipe. This learning process will be most effective if we achieve full cooperation with all the relevant people within your organization

As part of the recruitment staff in your organization.

We believe that if we aim to recruit and get you the right candidates, it is important that your project manager has a deep understanding of your organization. Each time the project manager arrives at your organization, it will drive the process forward – she’ll have status meetings with the hiring managers, draw conclusions, deepen her familiarity with the company’s employees and the company’s DNA.

We believe in constant communication and transparency with our clients.

Weekly status reports will be sent, and periodic meetings will be held in the organization, as well as daily conversations according to your needs.

Definitely, yes. In parallel with sourcing for passive candidates, we can also manage placement companies for you and give them feedback regarding your desired profile.


We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place 
 more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.