Recruitment Project Management (RPO)

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In today's world there are many opportunities that may be followed into exciting projects. Our generation is different in so many ways, mainly due to staying innovative in a pace we have never seen before.
Those opportunities may turn into challenges if we won’t treat them in the right way.

For that reason, we at iTalent have understood the potential in properly creating and managing projects, thus allowing your business to effectively outsource the recruitment process in our caring hands and get the optimized, tailor-suited solutions you and your team want and need.

iTalent Service Advantages
  • Full process accompanying
  • Gathering of relevant candidates
  • Full cooperation and transparency
  • Consulting, profiling and assignation services
Our dedicated project management team would love to benefit your corporation with various services and methods that were created and modified using our vast experience and knowledge in the matter. Our premium services include
  • Managing complex, horizontal projects in your organization
  • Scheduling a kickoff meeting that consists of recruiting managers in order to create a proper candidate’s profile
  • Managing personal and professional meetups with recruiting managers in order to familiarize with your organization’s pitch as well as the recruitment management’s requirements
  • Mapping candidates according to the recruiting manager’s demands, creating a shared file that includes that candidates’ database in order to create transparency and mutual supervision on the recruiting processes
  • Working on the recruitment processes in the company according to the needs in order to improve that recruiting process
  • Managing in house recruiting processes and initially contacting candidates as the organization or its recruiting manager
  • Accompanying your BackEnd branch in order to locate candidates in various social networks using various technologies at our disposal that will aim at related locations in the deep web in order to contact relevant candidates according to the role/manager’s requirements
  • Managing full E2E recruiting processes according to the customer’s request
  • Transferring the final 5 candidates to an interview with the recruitment manager
  • Escorting the new employee during his transition to the new position
With iTalent, your recruiting project will become worry-free. Let us do everything for you, so you can focus your resources and personnel to other projects and goals, all while we give you the best results you can get in the business.
With iTalent, you’ll be able to see the difference since day one. Join us now by filling your details below and enjoy our great benefits.

We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place  
 more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.