iTalent was established in 2010 by Dana with the idea of creating a new way of doing things. Since then, the company has grown quickly and has become a leader in providing sourcing and recruitment services.
The company is based in Tel-Aviv and works with the biggest names in the tech industry. iTalent was established out of the need to produce a fair partnership for employers.
Our Moto is “we grow together” Our approach is proactive and we use social media and smart AI tools in order to bring aboard those highly qualified candidates.


It was a feeling. An urge or what some might call that gut feeling. I knew it was time to do what I thought should be done in an area that needed, well, that personal touch.

When I embarked on my personal entrepreneurial journey, little did I know we will find amazing people to join us, my husband included.
When we tell clients, we understand employee needs and company culture, I smile. Why you ask? Two reasons come to mind as I write these words for our upgraded website. First thing, I know we can deliver and make them happy. The second reason I smile is because I am proud of my team and what we have achieved together over the past years.
With over two dozen people roaming and buzzing through the hallways, I take pride in our family style office. With a touch of pink and a lot of strong women, we do our best, every day, for every client.
Our vision is to help companies thrive and scale while doing it with the right employees, doing the right thing with a sense of fulfillment. We believe people can do amazing things when they are at their best.
If you have read through it all, please, take the time and leave your details. We have much work to do together.
Respectfully Yours,
Dana Bash Shelach


We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place 
 more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.