Executive Recruiting

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Private, professional escorting of various executives (CEO/CTO/VP) for hiring specialized C-Level & Management positions.
The employee market is big enough as it is.

Sometimes, finding the right candidate can be challenging, especially when looking for someone to fill in for a sensitive and key role in your business.

At iTalent, we will handle the whole recruiting process in the best way possible, using our vast experience and knowledge in the human resources world, we will gather the most applicable candidates for you to choose from and hire.

Expert Sourcing Specialist looking at pc
iTalent Service Advantages
  • Full process accompanying
  • Gathering of relevant candidates
  • Full cooperation and transparency
  • Consulting, profiling and assignation services
Our dedicated staff would love to help you with each and every step of the hiring process, using any of the available resources in order to deliver the needed results while keeping up with your organization’s needs, terms and schedule. Our full branch of services in this area is as follows:
  • We meet with the direct manager who’s in charge of recruiting for the position to create a focused, thorough and effective recruitment process.
  • Creating the position’s title and description (Candidate’s profile) according to the position’s terms and requirements
  • Advanced consulting for the sake of building an effective recruitment process while reflecting your business’s benchmark according to the position’s requirements/salary in comparison to the employment market
  • Mapping relevant candidates and building reports based on candidates’ data
  • Initiating connections with candidates and managing deep head hunting processes
  • Gather the relevant candidates in order to get the head of recruitment’s approval (Up to 5 in each assembly)
With us, you will get the best coverage and results and will be able to fulfill your goals while we free your personnel from the recruitment process, allowing you to focus on different goals and making your business more efficient.
With iTalent, you’ll be able to see the difference since day one. Join us now by filling your details below and enjoy our great benefits.


We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place 
 more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.