iTalent’s Startup Growth

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You have a new and exciting idea. An idea of your own. Your whole future career may be located in it - And you’re ready to transform it to your own big bang.
But you can’t rely on coincidence and luck - You have to do it in the right way.

With iTalent, you’ll have everything covered for every step of your new path. Using our expert team, we will make sure to share our knowledge and experience so you’ll have the smoothest sail, and will be able to gather your own experience and knowledge in your new expertise.

We believe that with the right basis, you can get to places you could never even dream about before. We’re here to make it happen.

We will accompany you from the idea process, employee profile, hiring talents and central personnel as well as escorting your organization’s development.
  • Building a branded employer profile, set for instant distribution
  • Creating an organized chart and mapping urgent and future needs
  • Sharing knowledge and examining the needs for recruiting and business developing according to the local & global employment markets
  • Real time talent locating (Parallel to the employee branding process)
  • Creating strategic recruitment processes according to the organization’s needs under supervision and SLA management
  • Managing measurement using monthly supervision reports
  • Passing lectures for recruiting managers - Branding a manager online, locating and contacting candidates, interviews and accepting new employees
  • Accompanying the CEO, VP and/or the entrepreneur along the strategic construction processes
You can do it, and you can make your success story. You only need the right partners to go along with you, hand in hand. We’re here to do so - Leave your details below and get your idea rolling!

We’re committed to leaving organizations and their people in a truly better place 
 more changeable, more engaged and better equipped for creating a better future.