Where to reach the best talent online

Everyone is in competition for the best employees on the market, even for the most junior positions. Not every job requires lots of experience, but hiring somebody with the most talent and right energy is going to give you a big advantage over your rivals where it matters most.
And that’s not to say anything of hiring for managerial positions, where the competition is even more fierce. So, how do you beat your rivals and reach the very best before they do. Knowing where to look online is a great place to start. The overwhelming majority of job searches are conducted online these days, but the internet is a big place. How can you use this tool to best effect? Where should you be focusing online? Well, there are a few ways to go about it:

1. Social media Most should be aware of it by now, but it bears restating that social media is one of the best places to reach out to potential job candidates. What most people may not understand in-depth is how to use social media for the best results. A lot depends on the social platform in question, but here are a couple of tips:
  • Use your networks – Word of mouth is a great way to recruit and the professionals you’re connected with on social platforms are likely to know others who might be a good fit for you. This method of using social media also makes it possible to reach people discreetly, giving you an advantage.
  • Use communities – The magic of social media is in its communities, from Facebook groups to subreddits. Decide what kind of candidates you want to target and then find the communities where they are. If you’re truly ambitious, you can even create your own communities where potential candidates might come looking.
2. Job sites Job sites are somewhat old fashioned at this point, but they still have a role to play. These are particularly useful thanks to SEO and other online algorithms that show surfers content built to interest them. A well-structured post on a job site could reach exactly the right kind of person thanks to this kind of targeting. Online ads are also an option thanks to this very reason. 3. Consult with professional recruiters But job sites are really only useful when trying to cast your net wide and get a lot of candidates to choose from. For many businesses today, they have the problem of having to filter through too many candidates, which means their outreach efforts online were not focused enough. But don’t despair if you find yourself in this situation! The internet is still the place to be looking, but your organization is unique and might just require a unique approach. Professional recruiters can craft an online recruitment strategy that fits your precise needs. They know better than anywhere exactly where to find the best candidates online – often in places you wouldn’t have thought to look – and how best to approach them. At iTalent, we even have our own unique methods and tools to locate the best talent online. 4. Your website One thing that most employers tend to forget about recruitment is that it’s best when they don’t have to spend resources scouring the internet for decent candidates. Every employer should want job seekers approaching them, mainly through their website. That’s what employer branding can accomplish: people on the job market know your company’s name, what it does and are familiar with its reputation as a great place to work. By attracting candidates to seek you out on your website, you are inviting them into your space, where you can communicate the message you want in the atmosphere that’s right for you. Don’t forget to include a link to the “career” page of your website in a prominent place and make it accessible from every other page on your website so that potential candidates won’t miss it. And there’s another bonus in this equation: with good employer branding, you can also attract people who aren’t openly available on the market. People who are thinking about making a change in their lives are likely to check if their dream positions are available before they start scrolling through job listings. Your pool of great talent just got a whole lot deeper. The internet has changed the face of recruitment forever and over just a couple of decades, it’s become a highly competitive space. You need to know where to reach top talent online and how. Mastering strategies like social media recruitment, employer branding or consulting with recruitment professionals can drastically improve your results. And even job sites have their place. The key to everything is to use it wisely.

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