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We’ve already shown you some free sourcing tools in previous videos. Now the question is how to review all the info you end up with. How do you know what’s already been reviewed? How can you be sure you didn’t miss anything? 

Don’t worry, our training manager Chen has already thought of some solutions, including these Chrome extensions that will save you some time: The first will help make sure you haven’t missed profiles while searching on Google. How? Simply by coloring profiles you’ve already viewed. Don’t worry, you can choose whatever color you’d like 🙂 Amazing, isn’t it? 

The second add-on allows you to see when you last visited a page so you always know when you last viewed a candidate’s profile. Maybe something has changed since you last looked? Is it better to pay another visit to the same profile or should you be spending your time searching for something new? The choice is yours. These little things make all the difference, don’t they? That’s why helpful Chrome extensions are totally our thing. And no technical knowledge is required to implement these tips. They’re simple and really worth it. 

Want more tips? Have any questions? Feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.


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