Podcast 8: Interviewing Shaked Mizrahi, HRBP @ monday.com

Podcast 8: Interviewing Shaked Mizrahi, HRBP @ monday.com

One of the reasons that monday.com enjoys constant growth is the organizational culture this smart startup has managed to create. Shaked Mizrahi, HRBP in monday.com’s marketing department says the company used the character of their product to create this culture and has managed to maintain it even as they recruit new employs quickly.
Want an example? Here are some of the characteristics they look for in candidates to ensure a high degree of personal suitability – or, as they call it, the perfect Monday:

  • People with a fire in their belly Executors who wake up every morning looking for something to do
  • Those who love to go the distance, value a dynamic environment and want to find new paths to the future
  • Independent people who also understand that the solutions to challenges often come from a whole team

Get a pen a paper, put your headphones on and enjoy.

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