Podcast 18: Tal Daskal, CEO of EasySend

Podcast 18: Tal Daskal, CEO of EasySend

The perfect candidate for a given position isn’t necessarily the one who can boast the most job requirements on his resume. The perfect candidate is also the one who fits the culture, character and DNA of the organization.

*Why do hiring managers have to be full partners in the recruitment of new candidates?
*How can you adapt the recruitment process to the character of the organization?
*How can the employees of an organization be properly involved in the recruitment process?
*And why is it so important that everyone who joins the company is familiar with fields outside of their department as well?

We recently hosted Tal Daskal, CEO of EasySend, on our podcast for a conversation with Inbal Hasson about the recruitment process in his company and the importance of a candidate’s suitability to the company’s character and not just the job requirements.

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