Podcast 16: Miri Curiel, Tech Management Expert

Podcast 16: Miri Curiel, Tech Management Expert

In order to choose an appropriate manager – one who will be right for the company and who will also want to stay in the position for a substantial period of time – both candidates and hiring companies need to undergo an in-depth process to see if they really fit together.

There are many questions that both parties need to ask themselves during this recruitment process, like, for example, what challenges are the manager expected to face, what defines success for a manager in this specific company, is the manager the right fit for the organization, etc.

Yael, our head of executive talent acquisition, sat down for an intimate conversation with tech management expert (and former VP R&D) Miri Curiel about the significant need guide the internal development of mangers from within the company and thereby keep them in their positions.

Are you recruiting managers? Then this is the podcast for you.

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