Podcast 14: Michal Rosen, Office Designer

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Podcast 14: Michal Rosen, Office Designer

Design has never been about beauty alone. Companies already started understanding 15 years ago that design needs to be mindful of branding, but today design goes even deeper than this: your office should tell the story of the company, create a feeling of community and contribute to the wellbeing of the team along the way while encouraging communication and personalization. Did you know that 94% of your candidates give at least some thought to the design of their potential work environment and expect to have a tour of the office as part of a job interview?

Michal Rosen deals with strategic and analytical office and space design and planning for an end result that matches the DNA of an organization while realizing business principles based on research and business insights. It’s all about striving to give space the power to attract the best talent while empowering employees and improving organizational performance.
Much can be learned from this conversation with her on what to take into consideration and especially how to apply business principles even during minor renovations.

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