Podcast 12: Gil Hoizman, Executive Coach @ Precise Decisions

Podcast 12: Gil Hoizman, Executive Coach @ Precise Decisions

As HR professionals, what do you do when you make an offer to a candidate who doesn’t respond for a while? What’s your opinion on integrating older candidates into the high-tech world?
Gil Hoizman, a strategic consultant and management coach, has encountered his fair share of challenges and questions from HR professionals, especially in high-tech, and offers a different perspective that will probably interest all of you.

For example, when you encounter a candidate who wants to make a career change, what’s more important, finding a candidate who is a 100% sure thing (there is no such thing) or the ability to recognize people who will fit into the rollercoaster that startups experience on a daily basis?

We learned quite a bit from this interview and we recommend that everyone in the tech industry check it out.
Interviewer: Inbal Hasson

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