Podcast 11: Galia Bachar, CO Founder & CEO @ Mensch

Podcast 11: Galia Bachar, CO Founder & CEO @ Mensch

Galia Bachar has worked in HR for many years, but she has always had a unique business perspective. Her job involved the management of hundreds of employees, resulting in a lot of data piling up in endless excel sheets – a massive source of lost potential.

After several years of looking (and failing) to find a system that would help her organize and manage all that data in a smart way and digitize her efforts in HR, she decided to build her own and established Mensch, with herself as CEO. If she previously brought a business-minded approach to her positions in HR, today she’s bringing her experience in HR to her important position as manager of an entire company.

Here’s a fascinating discussion with her on entrepreneurship, HR and what they have in common.

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