LeadersTalk by iTalent- Zohar Levkovitz

In the 3rd episode of our podcast LeadersTalk, we host Zohar Levkovitz. An extraordinary veteran entrepreneur, is also one of the most respected investors on the show “Sharks”.

Zohar talked about how we all benefit from the internet and the digital world we live in, but there are several harmful phenomena that have only gotten worse because of our use of the internet, like cyberbullying, that unfortunately are not dealt with properly. After all these years, it’s finally time to confront them.

That’s why one of the initiatives Zohar is currently leading is L1ght, which aims to deal with online bullying and shaming, making it a beacon illuminating where we are headed and the path we should be taking.

“What’s interesting is the person who will be loyal to the mission and connect to the same goal, a person you can succeed with,” Zohar answered when Dana Bash Shelach asked him about executive recruitment and working with executives in an organization.”

Zohar also talked about the benefits of female management and the need to integrate women into the managerial layers. This, he says, is also part of a broader agenda of cultural, gender and other kinds of diversity that bring in more different opinions, openness and creativity.

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