LeadersTalk by iTalent- Jonathan Seroussi

You’re invited to another episode of our podcast LeadersTalk, in which we host Jonathan Seroussi, currently development manager at NextSilicon, until recently director of development centers at Dropbox and before that at Autodesk. He has also co-founded several ventures.

Jonathan talked with Dana Bash Shelach about managerial positions today, where to focus and where executives need to let go in order to create a work environment that leads to success. He also shared his viewpoint on the common denominators of successful management teams, including diversity, trust and partnership.

Another interesting point Jonathan addressed is the training process for young managers, pointing to a few weaknesses in their training that need to be emphasized in order to turn them into great executives and team leaders. “People don’t resign from jobs, they resign from managers,” says Jonathan, and rightly so.

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