LeadersTalk by iTalent- Daniel Weil

In the second episode of our podcast, LeadersTalk by iTalent, Dana Bash Shelach talks with Daniel Weil, a partner at Madooa – Curiosity Based Learning, about meaning, curiosity and the connection between education and the world of employment and management. Madooa has developed a technological system that serves as a supplementary school that teaches its students about the reality of the 21st Century by solving real problems in the world in topic-based teams.

The guiding principle is to encourage learning among children by arousing their curiosity and connecting them to a goal. This, for example, is how they help their students with projects on topics like helping those who are shy, preventing poaching in Africa, cleaning beaches and more. That’s exactly how Daniel sees proper management: managers and employees need to work on something they are curious about, something that gives them meaning. Once there is curiosity and meaning, the rest will follow.

In the end, working toward a larger goal is what connects your employees to a product, team and company targets. The results and achievements will be absolutely extraordinary.

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