Hosting Yonatan Malka: Wellness as a tool to achieve business goals

When a small startup manages to turn teams into communities in 22 different locations in the world, thereby having a positive impact on an organization and its employees, that’s a story worth hearing. So, how do you increase the level of employee involvement in wellness activities?

Today, most countries in the world look at team activities as something that just needs to be done.Yonatan Malka recently joined Dana to explain why wellness is actually a tool that can help an organization achieve its goals. The system he developed with his partners allows organizations to create communities employees can join and participate in activities with both online and off. This system helps creates more satisfied employees who communicate more effectively with one another in a positive atmosphere. These days, with most people staying at home, this system allows organizations to keep communities together for example by maintaining fitness or a good diet while ensuring a positive relationship with the workplace and each other. Want to hear more? It’s all in this video.


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