Hosting Yehiel Atias: Invest in your employees as you do in your product

A quick response in crises isn’t only important for your employees, but for you as well when you answer to investors. The CEO of a new company has to provide vision, rally people around an idea and, for Yehiel Atias, who sat down with us for an interview, to make sure that even during times of upheaval, a finger is kept on the pulse of the organization, especially when filling the role of HR manager as well. 

Dana Bash Shelach and Yehiel discussed how to handle high-stress situations and the choices he made in his company, from streamlining operations to limiting gatherings in the hallway. Yehiel also addressed how these elements have influenced his home life with a wife whose work is essential and how he explained this new reality to his children. While work and home are usually mutually-exclusive choices, Dana and Yehiel discussed the new symbiosis that’s emerged between the two.

“Invest at least as much in your employees as you do in your product.” This is an opportunity to get a few pointers from Yehiel about how to retain employees, change internal work flow and increase productivity even during great challenges.


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