Hosting Sivan Malchi: How to get specific and reduce gaps in the recruitment process

Sivan Malchi, an organizational and strategy consultant for corporate recruitment recently visited us to talk about the new work reality, how to properly prepare for it and how to continue thinking a little further into the future despite the conditions of uncertainty.

The role of recruitment within the world of HR is familiar with the cessation of the recruitment process. During their discussion, Sivan and Dana talked about how to conduct a full recruitment process correctly and positively, how to get specific and reduce gaps, how to specify how positions are defined and, in the end, how to help managers recruit the best candidates. Once the initial impression of seeing a beautiful sparkling office is gone, there’s an opportunity to write a successful pitch about the company or even create a video that shows the workplace in a way that conveys the most appropriate message. This is the time for super personalization – not recruiting for a position, but recruiting the right people to the right places. All you need to know is in the video.


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