Hosting Netta Fiss: The connection between personal branding and employer branding

After more than a few phone calls and consultation inquiries in the past two months, Neta Fiss (VPHR at Idomoo) sat down to arrange her thoughts and understand the relationship between coronavirus, employer branding and personal branding, approaching these subjects with 5-years of practical experience with employer branding. In other words, she wanted to figure out what we as individuals can learn from companies and employers that could help us progress and be our best selves even during times like these. 

Dana Bash Shalah and Neta connected on a call and discussed value proposition, differentiation and the process that each one of us can go through to discover the things that will help us succeed. Neta’s conclusions, tips and pointers will help you be the best you can be at whatever it is you do, always. Where do you start? Right here with this video.


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