Hosting Michal Rosen: What’s the best way to organize your home workspace

You’ve probably been getting up in the morning, washing your face and brushing your teeth, getting all dressed up and heading out to… your living room?

Working from home isn’t a new concept, and lots of people were working this way well before coronavirus. What they already know – and what most of the world is figuring out now – is that working from home has its advantages. In fact, it’s likely that even when this crisis is over, many will have adjusted to a work week that includes a few days of working from home. But the home work environment also comes with new challenges, some of which are related to the most basic aspect of the day: what your home work space looks like. 

Dana Bash Shalah recently hosted Michal Rosen, an interior designer who focuses on office design as the foundation for an organization’s financial success, for a conversation about what things we should be paying attention to, even when we’re working between the four walls of our private homes. After a month at home, we’re all starting to understand that problems like the comfort of your chair, the height of your desk and the location of our work environment can affect not only the pain in your neck, but your creativity, mood and even your productivity. So, what’s the best way to organize your work space? What should you be paying attention to? All this and more tips to make your at-home work environment efficient and comfortable are here in the video.


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