Hosting Yael Florenthall: Candidate experience in the new age

We need to begin understand the change. It’s no longer temporary and we’ll only fully comprehend its scope in the future, but this might be a good time to embrace the change, and choose optimism every morning when we wake up. We had an important conversation recently with Limor Tzinamon, the founder and director of the Kelim Shlouvim Center for Career Training. Limor helps executives, entrepreneurs and organizations lead, influence and manage their careers. During the program Limor and Dana spoke about tips and tools to deal with the current situation.

Many other topic came up, ranging from leadership to how to maintain an authentic brand as individuals, what our strengths and weaknesses are and what sets us apart. As managers of organizations, it’s up to us to find solutions in the here and now, but we also can’t forget the future, to think ahead, invest in the employees we have left and help those who we’ve had to say goodbye to. 


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