Hosting Israel (Srulik) Dvorsky: Opportunities and long-term changes

On the very day they were supposed to onboard their biggest client ever, they shutdown flights. 

TailorMed was founded on two main needs: the inability of patients to pay for medical care (mostly in the U.S.) and the inability of hospitals to accept payment for their services. These two needs have become several times more urgent since the beginning of the corona crisis and the company had to deal not only with the clear challenge of moving to work from home, but also doing so during a massive increase in need and therefore demand. 

We’ve had the opportunity of working on recruitment projects with this amazing company over the last few months, and this time we’re approaching things from a slightly different angle. TailorMed CEO and Co-founder Srulik Dvorsky talked with Dana Bash Shalah about the challenges, opportunities and changes that will accompany us in the long term. What has TailorMed done right and what problems still require solutions? Find out in the video.


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