Hosting Hila Balak: Decision making and the ability to ope hrough difficult struggles

Everything around us is changing quickly and requires us to look at things from a different angle, innovating in almost every field. But many wonder how this innovation actually manifests itself. As you’ll see, it does so on the most basic of levels. “We have an opportunity to pause for a moment and see what’s happening to the dynamics of humanity all around us, to know when to create and what to create. Don’t keep yourself on auto-pilot.”

Dana Bash Shelach recently hosted Hila Balak for a late-night conversation. Hila is a trainer, organizational consultant and leader in the HR community as an innovation accelerator on Facebook – a community of close to 600 HR executives in leading companies from around the world. This conversation gives us a glimpse into a new world – an engaging, intimate, open conversation that teaches, enriches and even made us smile. There is a daily, or evenly hourly need right now for decision making and the ability to cope through difficult struggles. It’s important to be attentive, to meet any needs that might arise and to simply be present.


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