Hosting Henry Chen Weinstein: Sharing information during crisis

“How do you do something that helps everyone?” 

This question was the starting point for Henry Chen Weinstein, a venture capital investor and founder of Travel Tech Nation, a platform that helps startups and larger entities in the travel sector cooperate with one another and accelerate the future of the industry together. The travel industry has suffered a critical blow with the outbreak of coronavirus and losses are estimated to surpass $1 trillion. How can this sector, with its inherent foundation in global relations, recover from the crisis if has no information-sharing tools? 

Henry and Dana sat down for an interesting conversation about the solution that started in a What’sApp group of CEOs and went on to a huge virtual conference that brought in new partners, business opportunities and the establishment of an international platform for sharing information between various players in the industry around the world. So, how does an entire industry recover from such a blow? Why is information sharing so important? And why do we need to start rethinking how we view this sector and what defines a particular field as being part of it? All the answers and more are in the video


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