Hosting Ayelet Levav: Adapting to changes

He who adapts best to change works best in collaboration with others and gets by with what he has is he who will survive. That all sounds pretty familiar, but according to Ayelet (or “Captain of Change” if you will), “Corona isn’t a change, it’s a crisis.” Humans always experience change, but while some of what we know is in flux, this is balanced by some that remain stable and constant. In a crisis, most of what we’ve become familiar with simply aren’t true any longer and we’re forced to create something entirely new.

Ayelet Levav, an organizational consultant for change and resilience, has mostly been working in recent years with organizations and individuals, teaching them how to handle difficulty and emerge from crises better and stronger. Dana Bash Shelach and Ayelet sat down for an in-depth conversation about personal resilience and how it varies from person to person, the role of media in handling the current situation and a bit about sailing, cruises and the sea (yes, it’s relevant). How can everyone best handle this situation and be stronger when it finally ends? Watch the video.


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